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Saturday Night’s Alright For Gaming #4

Step 1: Slash Pot Step 2: ??? Step 3: PROFIT!

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Today’s comic is something of a more… okay yeah. Let’s cut that and just say I just started playing Ocarina of Time again since the 3DS version just came out about a week ago. I AM LOVING IT! I’m currently at the Goron Village and Dodongo’s Cavern, tearing up the dungeon since I’m pretty sure I have it committed to memory at this point. See, I’m smart at games!

One thing I’ve noticed is, and I’m curious as to the opinion of any other N64 Ocarina of Time players opinions on this, but- is it just me, or is it easier to get the initial 40 Rupees for the Deku Shield in Kokiri Forest? Maybe it’s just been that long though.

This week’s comic also brought to you courtesy of battling the type tool as it crashed Photoshop about 4-5 times into a complete computer freeze. I think I’ve finally fixed the issue. Stupid fonts!

Anyways, sorry for the couple week delay in comics: (Art contest deadlines and taking trips to PA abound!) but I think I’m going to head out now.


Saturday Night’s Alright For Gaming #3

Obey The ‘Stick!

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There was a really fishy early morning, day one Brink Review on Joystiq the day Brink came out:

Now, my personal thoughts on Brink are basically pretty average. But, some big complaints in the review brought up are “bad single-player AI” (Left 4 Dead, cough cough) and “Not enough single player missions” to which I mention L4D again, and Team Fortress 2 (which this game is in the genre of really). I don’t think L4D or TF2 are bad games, however: Much the opposite. Certain games just need that component where you play with friends, and much in the style of titles like Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2: Brink is probably much better when played with friends. Period.

Ohmwrecker of IGN was suspicious of Joystiq’s score:

Since then, IGN forced Ohmwrecker to change the opinion, filling in a possible lie of 12 hours spent with the game, instead of barely 2.

But here’s what IGN censored off “Voodoo Extreme”:

"Uh oh, time for some drama boys and girls. I felt that Joystiq’s Brink review was fishy, it almost came off as if it was written by someone that had spent very little time with the game. I was also pretty sure that Griffin McElroy was one of the editors that I played in the media game with. So, I decided to do a little digging, and confirmed that I had played with him while he was under his Xbox Live gamertag called "The Pencil Rain".
The kicker is Mr. McElroy has only earned a total Brink gamerscore value of 225, primarily from achievements that pretty much unlock themselves in the opening hour or two of play. I had over a couple hundred points just after the media playtest, and I’d imagine that’s where he left off too. Xbox Live says he was playing Brink just a couple hours ago, yet again the value is 225. In my picture of his gamerscore details below you’ll see that he hasn’t completed either campaign, let alone the “what if” missions.”

Reviewer integrity, how hard is it? Especially when the subject matter is VIDEO GAMES? :P

Well, I’ll continue to enjoy Joystiq, and usually their reviews are thorough and on-point: I’ll just be ignoring Mr. McElroy’s reviews for the future.


Saturday Night’s Alright For Gaming #2

When Plumbers Fly

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I think this link pretty much explains this insanity:

The Raccoon Suit (which I confused with the Tanuki Suit a lot. I still do), is rumored to make a comeback in Super Mario 3DS. If you follow the link above, you’ll notice the obvious Raccoon Suit tail on the logo is obvious. And I don’t get why people are automatically assuming it’s the Raccoon Suit instead of the Tanuki Suit, but I’m HAPPY ABOUT THAT and will continue to live in obliviousland even if the tail is, in fact, meant for a Tanuki Suit Mario. I mean both are adorable, but Racoon Suit Mario seems more iconic. Super Mario Brothers 3 is also my favorite Mario game, and I’m just hoping the “3” with “3DS” means “iconic SMB 3 box art” = RACCOON SUIT MARIO!

He needs to make a comeback. And come back from space for a little while. To a time when flying was an exotic ability that set Mario apart from the rest of the damn Mushroom Kingdom. With a comeback comes an obligatory “suit-up” scene. YEAH BUDDY.


Saturday Night’s Alright For Gaming #1

"The Cutie Mark Chronicle, Pt. 2"

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There isn’t a part one in this comic, but go watch that episode of MLP immediately. No, seriously. I’ll wait here until you get back. Youtube that. Grab some popcorn.

Okay, so you finished the episode! Good!

Anyways, Brooke’s been playing Unpleasant Horse on her iPod Touch a pretty insane amount. It’s a really fun game by a section of Popcap, and really addicting. While every other pony’s “Cutie” Mark were gained by finding something nice they’re meant to do, Unpleasant Pony wasn’t set for that fate. Unpleasant Pony aids in brutal pony death. It’s all he knows to do.

Kind of sad, really. All I know is my Cutie Mark definitely does not involve being skillful at Unpleasant Horse.

I’ve wanted to try to do a comic for a long time, but I’ve finally done something. This is my first attempt at a web comic-type project, so I hope I can just entertain a couple people.:)

"Saturday Night’s Alright for Gaming" will be updated each Saturday. HAH! Get it?!

…I know that’s full of cheese, but it’s a fun song and Elton John is excellent.